Best Voice-Over App For iOS Devices | Voice-Over App For iPhone/iPad

Voice over apps are used to change the original audio from a video file and replace it with our own. Voice over apps gives us the freedom to insert our own audio into the video file and make it more creative and interesting. We can make good stories with the help of these apps and videos which looked simple will become awesome if you give a good voice-over. There are not many apps for voice-over for iPhone/iPad but Dolby laboratories have come up with an innovative app called Narrate which wil make your videos more interesting. Using the app is very simple, in this article we will see how to do voice over for your videos in iPhone/iPad.

Best Voice-Over App For iOS Devices | Voice-Over App For iPhone/iPad

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Voice Over App iPhone | Voice Over Apps For iOS


If you are searching for best voice-over app for your iOS device then this article is just for you. After lot of research we have found an amazing voice-over app which will cater all your needs of inserting your own audio onto a video file. Dolby laboratories as you know is the pioneer in audio, visual technology and they have designed an app called Narrate which will make your normal videos outstanding.

Advantages OF Having Voice Over App On Your Phone

Many people struggle to find best voice over app for iPhone and iPad to narrate stories to their videos but they cannot find any good app which can add audio to their videos.

Narrate Voice Over App For iPhone/iPad

Dolby labs have created an voice over app for iPhone users

Using Narrate app is very easy, just select the video and add your own audio to it and share the video with your friends. Make simple looking videos into stunning with your own audio.

Install Narrate Voice-Over App For iPhone/iPad




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