Bolt Threads Is Making Engineered Silk Which Resembles Spiders Silk

Do you know Spiders generate a unique kind of silk which has got some remarkable properties like high tensile strength, elasticity, durability and softness. Bolt Threads is a new start up in fabric manufacturing who are working on a technology which can replicate the same silk. Bolt Threads wants to make fabrics which can be more durable and soft, they have made a prototype limited edition tie with this technology and in coming days they will make more products with Engineered Silk. Bolt Threads have done intensive research on the silk proteins and they have got finally a break through in this. Bolt Threads develop these silks with the help of putting genes into Yeast. Protein is produced in large quantities and put to fermentation using yeast, sugar and water.

Bolt Threads Is Making Engineered Silk Which Resembles Spiders Silk

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Bolt Threads Fabric

Bolt Threads Fabrics

Bolt Threads Spider Silk

  • Are Real Spiders Involved In This Process?

No! There are no real spiders involved in this process. Bolt Threads have studied the DNA of spider and have done intense research on how spiders make the silk and with the technology available today Bolt Threads have made it possible to make the silk and spun it into fabric.

  • How Is The Fiber Made

sugar, water, salts and yeast are involved in the process of making this engineered silks. This process is similar to beer making and finally the liquid silk can be turned into fabric with further process which is similar to clothes made from nylon.

The fabrics made by Bolt Threads will be ready by next year to the whole world.

Bolt Thread Company Details

The company was started 2 years ago and now they are going ahead with an ambition to provide the world with clothes made of Spider silk. The research made by them is very good and they have the best minds working in their company.

DAN WIDMAIER, PhD – CEO and Co- Founder

DAVID BRESLAUER, PhD – Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder

ETHAN MIRSKY, PhD – VP of Operations & Co-founder



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