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WhatsApp Introduces GIF’s To Make Your Conversations More Fun

WhatsApp the worlds best messaging service has always made improvements to make conversations easy and fun. As you know every smartphone today has WhatsApp installed in it communicate. Recently there was a biggest update in WhatsApp which completely removed “status” option and replaced it with new status which can be of GIF, PIC or a

How Is RankScience Changing the Traditional Approach To SEO

RankScience is believed to change how SEO work is done manually. We have already seen in our earlier article how RankScience is working and in this article we will know RankScience will replace manual work done by SEO people. For SEO even today people depend on SEO specialists who promise them to increase their website

Book Professional Photographers From Snappr From Just $59

Snappr is a startup which is aimed to reduce the gap between photographers and people looking to hire a photographer. Hiring a photographer is a tough job when you are planning for event or for a portrait shoot. You need to adhere to the conditions kept by the photographers and need to compromise on many

FarmLead Is Changing The Way You Sell Grains In North America

FarmLead is a startup which is aiming to reduce the problems of buying and selling of grains in North America. Even today there no proper transparency in pricing of grains and there is always problem in dealing with grains. To over come this problem FarmLead has been started by ambitious individuals who want to bring

ELEMENT Is Your New Driving Assistant Developed By WayRay

WayRay is working on Augmented Reality navigation technology which will make your driving safe and comfort. They are making devices which will look similar to how video game is played. A device named Navion has been developed which can project the route and directions using augmented reality. We have seen about Navion in earlier article. In