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WayRay Is Chaniging Car Navigation With Augmented Reality Navigation

WayRay which started its operations back in 2012 is now moving forward with a faster pace in car navigation technology and they are using Augmented Reality (AR) principle to integrate holographic objects around you with wide angle field of view. WayRay will be the first company to use holographic car navigation. This system of augmented reality

Agrilyst Is Changing The Way How Indoor Farming Is Done

Agrilyst a web based platform is changing the way Indoor farming is done and in this article we will learn what Agrilyst does and how they are using technology to improve your in house farm production. In recent years we have seen a spike in Indoor Farming which is done in the back yard of home

Latest WhatsApp Update Gives Direct Access To Status and Camera

WhatsApp the messaging service which runs in every smart phone is a heart throb and people love because of its simplicity, look and feel. People with no knowledge on smart phones can also start using it with day 1 just after spending few hours. WhatsApp makes frequent updates for their messaging service and recently there

The Light Phone Will Take You Back In Your Life

Do you want to go back in life and experience the phones which had only calling option and no other thing to do in it. Then you must try The Light Phone which is an innovative idea of Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang. They began building the Light Phone (2G GSM phone) in 2014 and