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NetGear Is Giving Free Orbi Wifi If You Take Slow WiFi Challenge

Networking specialist NetGear has come with a new innovative product called Orbi WiFi and they are offering free Orbi WiFi for people who create a video showing their slow WiFi. This is a competition and lucky winners will be awarded free Orbi kit of 2. Orbi is one of the fastest, crazy, reliable and world’s first

Exolens Is Changing The Way You Use Camera Of Your iPhone

Exolens is a new way to take photos from your phone’s camera. To make the phones camera more capable exolens has come up with all new range of lenses  which will cater al your photography needs. When you have exolens attached to your phone then there is no need of a DSLR as Exolens will

Qnovo Can Increase The Battery Life Span With Fast Charging

Qnovo is aiming to change the way how batteries work in mobile devices, stationary energy storage and electric vehicles. The primary aim of Qnovo is to increase the life span of batteries through adaptive charging which is latest innovation. Qnovo also helps in enhanced safety, faster charging, increased daily run time and longer battery lifespan. Qnovo Adaptive Charging

Qeexo Is Changing The Way You Interact With Smart Phones

To make smartphones more intelligent and smart Qeexo has come up with many innovative features for touch enabled devices. Qeexo believes that we are not using our hand upto the mark in touching the phones and they want to change the age old touch system by introducing FingerSense technology which uses different patterns in touching

ViarBox Premium VR Goggles Review, Price and Specifications

Virtual Reality products are a booming technology now and new company called VIAR based in Seattle is making some of the best virtual reality products which will take you places you have never been to. VIAR is also producers of Virtual Reality card board and Viar 360 which helps in companies to create some stunning