Cowlar Will Increase Milk Yield and Monitor Your Cows For 365 Days

Cowlar is aiming to change how you take care of your cows, it aims to increase the productivity from your dairy farm by using a device called Cowlar which will be installed on your cows neck. Cowlar will monitor every activity of your cow like when it is sleeping, ruminating, eating, etc.,. Manually tracking all these stats is highly impossible. Cowlar works with machine learning and advanced algorithms specially designed for dairy farm. All the work done in Cowlar is to make your cows happy, stay healthy and give more milk production. In this artcle we will see how Cowlar will increase Milk Yield and monitor your cows for 365 days.

Cowlar Will Increase Milk Yield and Monitor Your Cows For 365 Days | Cowlar For Dairy Farms

How Does Cowlar Work ?

  • Cow Router

To pass information to servers you need to install a cow router and installing a cow router just takes around 20 minutes. With the help of this router you can connect with all the Cowlars within 2 miles range, Cellular connectivity is used in passing information to servers. You will get Cow router free of cost if you order 20 or more Cowlars.

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Cow Router

  • Connect Cowlars To Cow’s Neck

To get accurate information about the cows you just need to connect the strap to cow’s neck. Cowlar is made in such a way that it will comfortably fit around the cow’s neck. When you strap a Cowler to neck of the cow you can get all the details of a cow like when it is eating, ruminating, sleeping or when it is being lazy. All this information can be used to analyze and increase milk production.

cowlar strap

Cowlar Strap

  • Get Alerts Instantly

With the best machine learning expertise all the data sent from cows is analyzed and you will get all the recommendations which will be needed to take the correct action. You will get notified whenever there is any change in health, pregnancy or disease. Thsi will help you in taking right action at the right moment and there by improving milk yield.

Download Cowlar App For Android

Download Cowlar App For iOS (Coming Soon)

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