Eight Cups Will Change The Way You Hydrate Yourself | Eight Cups Review | 8 Cups Features & Advantages

Ever thought the drinking water bottles can also be smart? Eight cups is an innovative thought to make people drink water in a progressed manner by reminding them when they forget and keep people hydrated. Generally many people forget drinking water time to time and they rather take coffee or tea in place of water. So 8 cups is an innovative idea to make for people who do no have habit of drinking water. If you are really serious about weight loss, metabolism issues then 8 cups is just for you and you will fall in love with its ergonomics and they way it functions. Let us know more about eight cups bottle and its functioning.

Eight Cups Will Change The Way You Hydrate Yourself | Eight Cups Review | 8 Cups Features & Advantages

What Is 8 Cups?

8 cups or Eight cups is a smart bottle which can support both Android (Jellybean) or later) and iPhone(iOS 8.0) and the bottle uses low energy Bluetooth to communicate with the device. Weight of the bottle is just 300 g and can carry 330 ml of water. Eight cups is the best hydrating smart gadget you can have.

How To Connect Eight Cups Bottle

  • Download Eight Cups App form the Play Store or App Store
  • Connect power to the charger
  • Place the bottle on the charger
  • Now start the app and connect your bottle


Daily : Your water drinking status is shown in real time so you can track your drinking activity easily, you will also get reports in graphical manner.

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Eight Cups

Monthly : You will get all your monthly report in a clear detail

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8 Cups | Eight Cups | Eight Cups Review


Eight Cups Helps In Keep Your Weight In Control

Many researches have found that drinking ample amount of water daily brings down the weight and also improves metabolism. Eight cups is a perfect solution for people who are busy in their daily life.

Eight cups will keep your hydration levels upto the mark and it will make you habituated to drink water on time. 8 cups comes in 3 different colors while, black and grey

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