ELEMENT Is Your New Driving Assistant Developed By WayRay

WayRay is working on Augmented Reality navigation technology which will make your driving safe and comfort. They are making devices which will look similar to how video game is played. A device named Navion has been developed which can project the route and directions using augmented reality. We have seen about Navion in earlier article. In this article we will learn about one more device from WayRay which is ELEMENT. This device will become your new driving assistant ELEMENT will track your activity and driving performance. This will be a wearable device for your car.

ELEMENT Is Your New Driving Assistant Developed By WayRay | ELEMENT By WayRay

ELEMENT Is Designed With Excellence

Element has been designed with lot of patience and lot of time has been spent on designing the device. Many alterations have been made before finalizing the final product. An App has been developed for both Android and iOS users with which they can get detailed statistics about driving.

How Does ELEMENT Work

ELEMENT works in all the cars which are manufactured post 1992. ELEMENt connects to your car through the OBD-II post which is a standard car data exchange system. OBD-II port is located in different locations for different cars but with the app you can easily locate the port.

Technical Specifications Of ELEMENT

  • Bluetooth – 2,4 GHz
  • Sensors – Gyroscope, Accelerometer
  • Size –  47 mm x 20 mm x 42 mm
  • Navigation – GPS / GLONASS
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ELEMENT Driving Assistant


Use the application to visualize stats about your car and driving skills, such as mileage, gas spending, or average speed.

  • Android App :  Coming Soon
  • iOS App         :  Coming Soon

Features of ELEMENT Driving Assistant

  • Get your daily and weekly stats of your driving style right on the app
  • Everyone has a different driving style so you can know about your driving style just by glancing at the screen



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