Erato Muse 5 Wireless EarPhones Review | Erato Muse 5 Wireless Headphones Price

Erato Muse 5 has wireless earphones have been announced and it is coming into light that they will give tough competition to Apple’s AirPods. We all know Apple is the first to make wireless earphones (AirPods) but Erato is believed to give a tough fight for AirPods. In this article we will see Erato Muse 5 Wireless EarPhones Review  and price of Muse 5. First look of the Muse 5 gives awesome impressions but we need to get into detailed review of Muse 5 to know more. Can Muse 5 deliver the best sound quality? Let us have a deeper look in to these wireless earphone from Erato.

Erato Muse 5 Wireless EarPhones Review | Erato Muse 5 Wireless Headphones Price

  • 3D Sorround Sound

Patented ERATOSURROUND™ will give you an amazing sound effects and you will experience every beat of the sound track in detail. Muse 5 will give you an outstanding experience in Music and you will listen music on a whole new level. There is also another patented technology called  FitSeal™ which will enhance the listening experience.

  • Bluetooth 4.1 Connectivity

Connect these headphones on the go with Bluetooth and enjoy the best wireless connectivity. Just forget those long wires while jogging or doing some important, just connect with Bluetooth and enjoy real music experience with Muse 5. One charged these head phones will deliver awesome music upto 12 hours.

  • Fits All Size Ear Sizes

Muse 5 has been designed specially with patented FitSeal™ Silicon Sleeves which will allow 9 different types of combinations which will fit any size of ear. With Muse 5 you never have to worry about comfort as Muse 5 has been designed for the highest comfort.

  • Take Calls On The Go

Muse 5 features a built-in omni directional microphone which works perfectly with Google Now and Siri. Muse 5 uses a latest Bluetooth technology from CSR which will help you taking calls on the go.

  • Muse 5 Comes in 4 Colors

Muse 5 is for everyone and you can choose the color you like from 4 variants.

  • Metallic Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Pearl White
  • Brilliant Blue
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Erato Muse 5

  • Price Of Erato Muse 5

Erato Muse 5 has been Priced at $179.99, this price is listed in official website but in coming days you may get some offers from e-commerce stores like Amazon


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