Exolens Is Changing The Way You Use Camera Of Your iPhone

Exolens is a new way to take photos from your phone’s camera. To make the phones camera more capable exolens has come up with all new range of lenses  which will cater al your photography needs. When you have exolens attached to your phone then there is no need of a DSLR as Exolens will serve all the needs and give some amazing photos and videos with your mobile phone camera. Exolens is owned by Fellowes Brands and are experts in developing lenses and protective cases for mobiles. Exolens aims to helps customers to capture some high quality images in easy and simple way.

Exolens Is Changing The Way You Use Camera Of Your iPhone

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Exolens For iPhone

Why Exolens For iPhone

Exolens has years of experience in working with photography tools and they use highest grade material while making lenses. All of this precision from Exolens will completely change the quality if images taken form your iPhone. Exolens believes that great images start with great glass.

Telephoto 3x Lens

Telephoto 3x lens from Exolens will enhance the pictures which you take by zooming 3 times the normal one and this will be required by any photography lover. This lens is perfect for Zoom photography and Portrait photography.

165º Wide-Angle Lens

This lens is perfect for the people who love travelling and love taking selfies. Pictures taken with this lens look just like we see the world with our eyes.

If you love photography and want explore more capabilities of your iPhone camera, then Exolens is the perfect choice. There are many varieties of lenses for every situation so you can choose the one which best suits your need.

Some sample images taken by Exolens

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Exolens Sample Images

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