FarmLead Is Changing The Way You Sell Grains In North America

FarmLead is a startup which is aiming to reduce the problems of buying and selling of grains in North America. Even today there no proper transparency in pricing of grains and there is always problem in dealing with grains. To over come this problem FarmLead has been started by ambitious individuals who want to bring transparency in pricing and want to ease the business of grains. FarmLead is one of a kind digital market place where buyers and sellers can negotiate prices. This service will be available online as well as on App for Android and iOS. FarmLead will be the future of grain marketing. In this article we will see how Farmlead works and what are the features of this start up.

FarmLead Is Changing The Way You Sell Grains In North America | FarmLead Ottawa | Online Grain Trading

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Farmlead Ottawa

Features Of FarmLead Market Place

  • Thousands of grain buyers and sellers from North America
  • Complete transparency in pricing and low fees
  • Easily set geographic limits to buy grains in your nearby area
  • No more old school methods and believing blindly regarding the prices
  • Always be updated with latest news on Agriculture

About FarmLead

FarmLead is an Ottawa based start up aimed to change the old school technique os buying and selling grains. FarmLead wants to make farm growers get the correct price. FarmLead recently raised $6.5 million in funding and they are looking forward for marketing and development of their product.

FarmLead Team

  • Brennan TurnerFounder – President, & CEO
  • Alain GoubauCo-Founder – Chief Operating Officer

FarmLead Android App

If you are using Android device then you can enjoy the services offered by FarmLead by downloading their app

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FarmLead Android App

FarmLead iOS App

If you are using iOS devices like iPhone, iPad then you can download FarmLead App from Appstore

farmlead for ios,farmlead app,farmlead north maerica,farmlead ottawa

FarmLead iOS App

FarmLead is believed to be a game changer in this arena of grain trading and as world is facing the problem of population growth and grain trading the makers of this app believe that FarmLead will be very useful app in grain trading.




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