Fastest Way To View YouTube Videos On Your MAC | YouTube Desktop Launchers For MAC

YouTube has become a part of everyone’s life and we see so many videos daily whenever we are free. There are millions of videos on YouTube and they are growing everyday. To view YouTube videos we need to launch our browser first and then open and search for videos we want and this takes lot of time, but to reduce this effort of opening browser we have got some apps for your MAC which will open YouTube directly from your Desktop and saves your time in opening browser and opening YouTube. With these apps you can easily view music videos, movie trailers, clips and much more without ever needing to open your web browser.

Fastest Way To View YouTube Videos On Your MAC | YouTube Desktop | Launch YouTube From Desktop

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YouTube DeskTop Apps For MAC

  • Go for YouTube

Go For YouTube by FipLabs ltd. gives you best YouTube experience you ever had. This app gives you the ability to enjoy YouTube without the need of launching web browser. You control all your YouTube operations just from the MAC menu. You can pause the video and play it when you want and you can resize the window, remove advertisements.

Features Of Go For YouTube

  • Window opacity
  • Window resizing option
  • Notifications when your subscribed channel posts a video
  • Full screen option
  • Instant access from MAC’s menu bar

Download Go For YouTube Now

  • DeskApp for YouTube

One more method for fastest YouTube launching directly from your desktop is DeskApp for YouTube. This app makes your life easy as you do not need any browser before launching YouTube. This app looks awesome in the dark theme and you can even play music in the background.

Features Of DeskApp for YouTube

  • Receive notifications instantly
  • Option to make window opaque
  • Play music in the background
  • Simple and cool looking UI (user interface)

Download DeskApp For YouTube

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Note : These are 3rd party affiliated apps and these are no way connected with YouTube

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