Get More Closer To Your Pets With The Help Of Automated Robot Pebby

Pets are loved by everyone and they are the best companions at our homes but what we do when we step out of home is we neglect their activities and forget about their problems. To keep a track on your pets even while you are at work or any where in the world there is a automated smartphone controlled Robot called Pebby which can track all the activity of your pet through an app. Hansen Goh the Co-founder of Pebby says he got this idea when he saw many pet owners face problems when they leave home. This is a brilliant solution for people who want to be always closer to their pets.

  • How Does Pebby Work

Like any pet owner everyone leaves home for office or other daily chores and here comes in Pebby and it keeps the fun going with your pet. You can operate Pebby from any where Pebby is made of Poly carbonate and it can go anywhere smoothly.

Get More Closer To Your Pets With The Help Of Automated Robot Pebby

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Pebby Tracks Pets Activity

  • Motion Sensor Collar

There is also a motion sensor collar which can track all your pets activity like when it is active and when is it sleeping, this gives vital information about your pets mobility and health. All the information will be delivered right on your smartphone and when you are done playing your Pebby with your Pet you can automatically send it to its wireless charging point.

  • Pebby Comes With In Built HD Camera

Not only entertain your pets with Pebby you can view them with an in built HD camera and you can share your pets activity on social networks.

Pebby HD Camera

HD Camera Of Pebby

  • Beautiful Laser Colors Inside Pebby

Laser colors inside Pebby are very beautiful and these keep your Pet interested in playing with it.

Founders Of Pebby

  • Maxim Colin
  • Hasen Goh

Pebby is a entertainment cum security gadget which can take care of your pet even when you are away.

Watch The Video of Pebby The World’s Most Advanced Robotic Pet Sitter.

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