How To Build a Blog And Which Topic Should Be Selected For Long Term Success

Blogging! This word has become lot familiar these days as it has got immense potential to earn name, fame and money. As we have seen many people making living out of blogging and there are also people who did not get success in this field. There are number of reasons why people get successful in blogging and there are also reasons why people get failed in it. In this article we will learn how to build a blog and which topic should be selected for long term success.

How To Build a Blog And Which Topic Should Be Selected For Long Term Success

Building Your Blog

The first and foremost thing to consider while blogging is choosing a platform on which you want to blog. There are many free services available on Internet which help you to build a blog but WordPress is one such platform which is used by millions of people today and it is the most easier platform to learn and implement things. One does not need any coding knowledge to handle WordPress, all you need is to spend some time about a week to get perfect. There are other blogging platforms such as Blogger, Weebly, Yola to name a few. But, WordPress is on top of all.

Free Domain v/s Purchased Domain

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Free and Paid Domains

What does a Free Domain mean?

A Free domain means a blog which is created freely and it has address like All the free blogs have a extension of the service provider and the problem with free domain is that it cannot be ranked perfectly in the search engines until and unless it has some best of the best content. Free domain are good for new bees but as you gain knowledge in blogging you must go for a purchased domain.

What Is a Purchased Domain?

Purchased domains are those which have extensions as .com, .org, or .info. You can have a domain name of your wish for example or or it depends on your choice completely. There are many service providers which sell domain names and hosting. Some of them are Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost etc.,

Some Creative Domain Names To Choose From

Many people get confused on which domain name to choose fromand what could be a creative domain name. I’m giving a few options down here so that you can get them easily. I have written them freshly but they might have been taken by someone else. Check all the domain names and buy the one which is available all the given names below are cool and classy. You can also check with your name if you do not get any idea as names are unique.

  • TechyDreams
  • Helpmeout
  • Bubblebytes
  • Crunchytech
  • Bloggybyte
  • Trendybytes
  • WhatsTrending
  • Saidbyme
*These domain names might be available or not we cannot guarantee

Selecting Design and Theme For Your Blog

After creating a blog the next step is to choose a design and theme which suits your content there are many themes available in the WordPress platform from which you can choose anyone. There are also paid themes which have some extra features. Always try to choose a theme which is fast to load and which looks elegant.

Best Free Themes For Your Blog

There are many themes available for free but we recommend you to start with an elegant and beautiful looking theme called “Hueman”

Writing Content And Selecting Topic For Your Blog

Content is the biggest part of a blog and you need to be careful while choosing a topic on which you are going to start a blog, many people start blog without any knowledge on a topic and leave it in mid way. Always choose a topic in which you have interest and you can continue for a longer period because a blog requires continuous updation and people always love fresh content. So, never choose a topic which does not interest you.

For example if you have interest in writing about health and weight loss then you must gather all the required information with statistics and provide complete information on the topic so that whoever visits your blog should not feel that he did not get the required information. All you need is to satisfy your visitors with complete information so that he will like your work and recommend your blog to others.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article on How To Build a Blog and Basics of Selecting a Topic. You can contact us for any help regarding setting up your blog.

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