How To Transfer Files From MOTO E3 Power To OTG Device

In this tutorial we will learn about How To Transfer Files From MOTO E3 Power To OTG Device. Many people have doubt regarding whether MOTO e3 supports OTG or not, but the answer for this doubt is Yes!! Moto E3 supports OTG 100% and we can transfer files easily from MOTO E3 to OTG with a simple procedure. If you are finding difficulty in transferring files from MOTO E3 power to your device then you have come to the right place. I sed to have Moto E3 power smart phone and i have bought OTG device to transfer files easily but i faced lot of problem in the beginning but i have found out solution for it and i’m sharing with you. You do not need any 3rd party apps for transferring data from your phone to OTG device.

What is OTG?

On The Go is shortly known as OTG and this is a type of dual pen drive which can connect to both PC/Laptop and mobile.

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OTG Device

How To Transfer Files From MOTO E3 Power To OTG Device | MOTO E3 Power OTG Support | OTG File Transfer MOTO E3 Power

Follow the below given steps correctly and transfer files to your OTG device

  1. First connect your OTG device your MOTO E3 Power
  2. Your mobile will detect the USB and show a notification on left hand corner
  3. Now Your OTG device is connected successfully

If your OTG device does not get detected do the following steps

  1. Connect your OTG to MOTO E3 power
  2. Switch off your mobile
  3. Switch It ON and your device will be shown

If problem persists then your OTG may have been damaged, please check with it by connecting it to your PC.

  • Steps To Transfer Files To OTG from Moto E3 Power
  1. Connect your OTG
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Storage and USB
  4. Select the category Audio, Video,Images which you want to send
  5. Now select files which you want to send
  6. On right hand corner select Copy To
  7. Now you will be prompted where to copy
  8. Just select the destination folder (OTG)
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Transfer Files From Moto E3 Power To OTG


Done!! Your file should start copying to your OTG device

I hope this article on How To Transfer Files From MOTO E3 Power To OTG Device has helped you. Please share this trick as this may be useful for others.



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