How To Transfer Files From MOTO Z Play To OTG Device

Moto Z Play the premium device from Motorola is loved by millions but many of them started facing problem when they tried to copy files from Moto Z play to OTG device. In this article we have given tips on how to transfer files from Moto Z Play to OTG device. Many of the Moto Z users had got doubt whether Moto Z play support OTG or not, but i want to clear one thing here that Moto Z play supports OTG device and you can easily transfer files from OTG to your Moto Z play or from Moto Z Play to your OTG device.

How To Transfer Files From MOTO Z Play To OTG Device | Moto Z Play OTG | Moto Z OTG Support

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In this tutorial you will get solution for Moto Z play and OTG connectivity. OTG devices have been used lot in these days as they can connect immediately and can copy data faster onto a mobile device directly without the use of cables.

Steps To Transfer Files From Moto Z Play To OTG Device

  1. Connect your OTG device to Moto Z play
  2. Moto Z play will detect your OTG device & you will get a notification on right hand corner with a USB symbol
  3. You have connected your OTG device successfully

OTG is not Getting Detected On Moto Z Play

Sometimes there will be an issue with OTG device, it will not get detected by Moto Z play. For this problem you need to connect the OTG device, switch off your mobile and switch it ON after a minute.

Transfer Files From OTG Device To Moto Z Play

Now follow the below given steps and transfer the files from OTG to Moto Z Play

  1. Connect OTG
  2. Go to Settings>>Storage & USB>>Select Audio, Video, Images
  3. No select the files which you want to send
  4. On right hand corner select Copy To
  5. Now you will be prompted where to copy
  6. Just select the destination folder (OTG)

Moto Z play otg support

moto z play otg support

This is a simple procedure to Transfer Files From OTG Device to Moto Z Play and there is no need to install 3rd party apps.

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