Latest WhatsApp Update Gives Direct Access To Status and Camera

WhatsApp the messaging service which runs in every smart phone is a heart throb and people love because of its simplicity, look and feel. People with no knowledge on smart phones can also start using it with day 1 just after spending few hours. WhatsApp makes frequent updates for their messaging service and recently there was a biggest update which changed the complete interface of WhatsApp and people are reacting in mixed ways for it. Some are saying it is very good and some are saying it is the worst update ever of WhatsApp. Let us see what WhatsApp did in their latest update and is it good or bad.

Latest WhatsApp Update Gives Direct Access To Status and Camera

  • Status in WhatsApp

Earlier WhatsApp had the option to keep our status like busy, in office, meeting, Gym etc., or any other status of our choice, but now with the latest update status has been shifted directly to the home screen and one more update for WhatsApp status is it expires in 24 hours. Just follow the steps to set your status from here.

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Whatsapp latest features

  • Camera Option

Camera option has given just beside status and from this option it is very easy to snap a picture and send to the contact which we want instantly. This option is very good as we need not go to the contact to send the photo, just snap the photo from home screen and select the contact.

Is the Latest WhatsApp Update Good Or Bad?

Now there is a mixed reactions among WhatsApp users regarding the update. MAny are saying this is an unnecessary updated pushed onto the users and there was nothing such requirement for WhatsApp to take that step. Many people also gave positive response for this update and said they liked the live status feature and direct camera option given on the home screen.

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