Maximal Analytics Subscription Will Be Launched By Miracle Mill At Mobile World Congress MWC 2017

Maximal Analytics is a service which will launch its subscription and pricing at Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017) which will be held this month. This platform of Maximal Analytics provides mobile operators to increase their profits with by limiting expenditure. With the help of Maximal Analytics subscribers can get real time access to data base with highest capability and subscriber can easily navigate through the data and make their own analysis depending on their needs. This platform Maximal Analytics is specially designed for Analysts, Managers, researchers and other business people.

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Miracle Mill Analytics

More Details About Maximal Analytics

Miracle Mill is the company behind the two innovative products Maximal Analytics and Minimal Bill. The two important people behind this company are Stefan Perdal and Andreas Öhrvall both of them have more than 20 years of experience in mobiles and telecommunication industry.

Services Provided By Miracle Mill

Product Development

Miracle Mill has some best analysts with them who specialize in developing products. Your product will get refined before getting into final shape.


Design plays a very important role in interaction with customers and Miracle Mill gives you best design for your product.

Software Development

With the use of latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Objective-C, Java, mongodb, jQuery Mobile and many more you get best apps, web and desktop solutions.

Quality Assurance

Quality remains forever and Miracle Mills have testers who check the quality of the products constantly and make sure that the product does not have any bugs at the final release.

Other Projects Done By Miracle Mill

Yatzy-Online : This is a dice game for iOS, Android, WP8, WP10 and Facebook

Farkle OnlineIt is one more innovative game developed my Miracle Mill team

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