Mobile World Congress (MWC) Will Hold a new Programme For Women To reduce Gender Gap (Women4Tech)

In latest news from Mobile World Congress 2017 it has come to light that there will be a special 4 days session dedicated for Women to reduce the gender gap in the mobile industry and there will be in depth analysis on how to shape gender diversity in the mobile industry. Men and Women can participate in this MWC17 Women4tech summit and witness some of the world’s leading women speaking at the event. The space for the event is limited so plan your attendance at the event at the earliest or else you will miss out on listening the best minds speaking at the event.

More About Women4tech Summit

This event will be held on 2 March 2017 which will highlight the leadership of Women in different sectors and how women have reached to top position. Some key points which will be discussed in the event are Women empowerment, Women innovation etc.,This events official sponsor is Accenture.

Important People Speaking At This Event

  • Accenture – Bob.E. Sell (CMD)
  • Bharti Airtel – Harmeen mehtha (CIO)
  • Facebook – Nicola Mendelsohn – (Vice president)
  • The GC Index Ltd – Nathan Ott (CEO)
  • World Bank – Lauren Cook (Advisor)
  • TechStars new York – Jenny Fielding

& many other

MWC 2017 Women4Tech summit is open to all attendees but space for the event is limited so you need to indicate your interest to reserve a seat.

Source : Mobileworldcongress

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