Narrate App For iOS Is The Easy Way To Add Voice-Over To Your Videos

We take a lot of videos on our iOS devices daily and share them with friends but we cannot make the videos outstanding just because of the audio. Now to change all your video sharing experience a new app is launched by Dolby called Narrate and this app will help you to give Voice-over to your videos. Now your videos will no more be the same as old ones, you can narrate your story in your way with narrate voice-over app. Using this app is simple take a video, narrate your story and share it among your friends.

Narrate App For iOS Is The Easy Way To Add Voice-Over To Your Videos | Narrate App For iOS | Narrate Voice-Over App | Narrate By Dolby

Dolby has been innovating audio and video experiences from 50 years and we have seen so many new transformations in audio and video by Dolby, entertainment has gone to next level with Dolby and they are continuing to innovate more in audio and video technologies.

Narrate App By Dolby For iOS

With Narrate app you can give your voice-over to the video files and make simple videos look great. When you use Narrate app it will become your favorite app and you will just fall in love with it.

  • Narrate App Works In Just 3 Easy Steps

1.Select the video

Select a video from your files on which you want to add your voice-over

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Narrate App For iOS

2.Narrate Your Video

After selecting video file start Narrating story in your own voice

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Narrate App Voice-Over

3.Share Your Story

After you complete narrating your story its time for sharing.

Narrate App Voice-Over

Narrate App Voice-Over


Get The  Narrate App From App Store

If you are using Narrate app for iOS device then please share about the app in comments.



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