NetGear Is Giving Free Orbi Wifi If You Take Slow WiFi Challenge

Networking specialist NetGear has come with a new innovative product called Orbi WiFi and they are offering free Orbi WiFi for people who create a video showing their slow WiFi. This is a competition and lucky winners will be awarded free Orbi kit of 2. Orbi is one of the fastest, crazy, reliable and world’s first tri band Home WiFi System. Orbi gives same speed of internet at every inch of your home. Present mesh systems use dual band technology but Orbi is the only one to use tri band technology and with this technology there will be no call drops, no internet breakage. You will be connected at any corner of your home.

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Orbi WiFi Challenge

Orbi WiFi Speciality

  • Orbi Home System reaches up to 4,000 square feet through WiFi
  • No more barriers like walls, terrace, stairs and doors as Orbi uses Tri Band technology
  • Orbi creates a single high speed network that gives your entire home complete coverage

How To Take Orbi WiFi Challenge #OrbiBetterWiFi

If you are living with a terrible WiFi which disconnects whenever a wall comes in between or when you take stairs, then it is time for you to make a creative video showing how you suffer with slow WiFi. After taking the video sub,it the video here and win Orbi WiFi for your home.

Rules To Participate in #OrbiBetter WiFi Challenge

Step 1 : You need to tell what issue you face with your present WiFi like slow videos when you are washing your car in garage or songs stop suddenly while taking a sunbathe etc.,

Step 2 : Submit your entry here and if you are lucky enough you will win $399 worth Orbi home WiFi. Be more creative so that you will have higher chances of winning. 20 lucky winners will be gifted Orbi home WiFi.

Step 3 : Winners can send videos showing how better is their life with Orbi Home WiFi as NetGear will share it with the world.

Click Here To Participate

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