Now You Can Use Two Numbers In Your iPhone With PIECE Dual SIM Adapter

iPhone lovers sometimes feel that why they do not have an option of extra sim slot and due to non availability of dual sim slot in iPhone they generally carry two mobile phones one for business purpose and one for personal purpose. iPhone is a brand which is loved by millions of people and some people just use it for its brand and they don’t even know many options in it. In this article we will learn how to convert your iPhone into a dual sim phone.

Now You can Make any of your iphone as a dual sim phone easily with just spending $90* 

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PIECE Device Dimensions

What is PIECE?

PIECE is a light weight slim device which can hold a sim card and can be connected to your iPhone through its app. When you install PIECE app and give permissions to receive calls and messages you will calls from other number to your iPhone.

PIECE is a device which keeps your professional and personal life separately. So, no more carrying two phones and no messing up with two phones in your pocket.

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PIECE Is a Device Which Can Be Used For Making iPhones as Dual SIm Phones

Battery Of PIECE

Once charged fully PIECE can last long upto 150 hours which is more than enough for people who travel often.

Working of PIECE Device

  • Insert your second SIM into PIECE device and switch it on
  • Install PIECE app and give permissions for it to receive calls and notifications
  • Battery will last for 150 hours once fully charged
  • It will give beep sound when it is 15 meters away
  • It is so small that it can fit in your wallet

PIECE is the best solution for people who use iPhone.


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