Opto VR Glasses Review | Opto Air VR Glasses Are Lightest Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality is getting more and more innovative with new companies taking this technology to next level with latest patented technologies. Opto is one such company which is making Virtual Reality glasses with a difference. They have launched their first product Opto AIR in 2016 they have built-in sound and crafted using a patented lightweight foam. Opto wants to make Virtual Reality more innovative and they are trying to make audience thrilled with their Virtual Reality devices. In this article we will read about Opto VR glasses and their specifications.

Opto VR Glasses | Opto VR Glasses Review | Opto VR Glasses Price

  • No More Messing With Cables

Many VR headsets come with long cables and we need to connect them and these cables cause irritation many times. Opto VR comes with in built speakers which means you have the freedome to move anywhere without worrying about the strings.

opto vr head set

Opto VR Headset

  • Large Lenses For Best VR Experience

The problem with many VR devices is that they do no have lenses which give the complete experience of viewing but Opto VR is made with large lenses which will immerse you in into virtual world and make your viewing just real.

Opto VR lenses,vr devices,opto vr UK,opto VR price

Opto VR Lenses

  • Opto VR is The Lightest VR You Can Have

VR devices generally are an issue to carry but with patented foam body, Opto VR makes a huge difference in weight of the device. Opto VR is very light and convenient to carry.

Opto VR light weight,opto vr foam body,buy opto VR,opto vr price

Opto VR Light Weight

  • Specifications Of Opto VR


  • Type: Double-Aspheric
  • Diameter: 44.00mm
  • FOV: 100°


For smartphones with a screen size: 4” to 5.5”


  • Driver diameter: 40.00mm
  • Frequency: 20hz / 20khz


  • Body: Closed cell foam
  • Optics: PMMA

Opto VR is innovative thought towards VR devices and if you are looking forward to buy a Virtual Headset for your smart phone then Opto VR will definitely satisfy you as the features of this device are just superb.

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