May 6, 2017

Our Services

TingleByte was born with an idea to fetch customers with video advertising. We make explainer videos that show companies objectives and how they change the lives of people through their ideas. We @TingleByte believe that videos fetch more customers than any other type of advertising.

People watch videos on their laptops/desktops at work, tablets and mobiles at home and while travelling. Market research shows that 2 out of 5 people definitely share videos if they like it.

Our Services

Animated Videos

Animated videos are getting very popular these days and companies are opting this way of creating their advertisement. Making animated videos saves a lot of money for companies when compared to traditional advertising.

TingleByte video making process involves intense research about the company and then we create a story board and write a script highlighting the objectives of the company, target audience and how they are changing lives of people with their technology and ideas. After scripting is done we animate and give voice over for it.

TingleByte makes amazing Animated Videos with following features

  • Full HD 1080P Video
  • Add Logo
  • Background Music
  • Voice-over recording

White Board Videos

Whiteboard videos are an effective way to inform about your company, you can use these whiteboard animation videos to give presentations about products and show your employees how to increase sales and explain how they can improve their productivity.

TingleByte makes awesome Whiteboard videos with following features

  • Full HD 1080P Video
  • Background Music
  • Voice-Over recording
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Add your logo


If you want to get an awesome Animated Explainer or Whiteboard video contact us today!!