Qeexo FingerSense Review | Qeexo Founders | Qeexo Contact Details

To make smartphones for smarter Qeexo is making some super innovative products and they aim to change the way we use touch devices today. Qeexo wants to change the old type of touching our mobile screen and they want to make more use of our hands with innovative features like Knuckle touch, Nail, Stylus etc.,. Qeexo wants to change the way you interact with your touch device. In present mobile it sometimes seems difficult to copy paste, launch context menu. All these are possible with FingerSense technology which is patented by Qeexo.

Qeexo FingerSense

To revolutionize the touch methods of touch enabled devices two ambitious and experienced individuals have got a patented technology known as FingerSense which can change the way we touch our devices. FingerSense can recognize how we are touching the device, it can identify if we touch with nail, stylus or Knuckle the screen. Taking screenshots, copying text, playing games and drawing is very easy with Knuckle touch.

Qeexo FingerSense Review | Qeexo Founders | Qeexo Contact Details

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Qeexo Fingersense

Qeexo Founders

  • Sang Won Lee (CEO, Co-Founder)

Qeexo was founded in 2012 by Sang Won Lee who is also the CEO of Qeexo. He has more than 8 years of experience in mobile industry. Sang graduated from POSTECH with a degree in Electrical Engineering and holds an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

  • Chris Harrison (CTO, Co-Founder)

Chris is the CTO of Qeexo he is a professor in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. His hobbies include welding sculptures, blowing glass, and visiting remote corners of the globe.

Qeexo Address | Qeexo Contact Details

Qeexo is located in two places Silicon Valley and Pittsburgh

Headquarter Of Qeexo

2483 Old Middlefield Way   Suite #150
Mountain View, CA 94043

R&D Office of Qeexo

111 North Whitfield Street
Floor 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


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