Qeexo Is Changing The Way You Interact With Smart Phones

To make smartphones more intelligent and smart Qeexo has come up with many innovative features for touch enabled devices. Qeexo believes that we are not using our hand upto the mark in touching the phones and they want to change the age old touch system by introducing FingerSense technology which uses different patterns in touching the phone like touching with nail, Knuckle, Pad, Stylus or Eraser. FingerSense is the patented technology of Qeexo and it determines which method you are using to touch your screen. Lets us know more about Qeexo and their technology.

Qeexo Is Changing The Way You Interact With Smart Phones

What Is FingerSense & How Does It Work

FingerSense is a patented technology from Qeexo which can differentiate between which type of touch you are using. There are different types of touch like finger pad, knuckle, nail, or passive stylus to touch the screen. FIngerSense can identify what is touching the screen, revolutionizing the way we interact with touch-enabled devices.

Qeexo FingerSense Makes Life More Easy

Today’s mobile devices use the age old technology for copy pasting, launching context menu and making note. But with Qeexo life will be very easy as all these actions will be no more tedious like before.

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Qeexo FingerSense

Compatible With Any Operating System

You never have to worry about operating system as Qeexo works on any mobile device perfectly giving user a rich experience. This is only a software only program  and does not require any additional hardware.

Features of Qeexo

  • Read an awesome article and want to share it, then just Knuckle and share it
  • With FingerSense you can highlight the text you want with your Knuckle
  • While playing games FingerSense gives you ability to control the game with more perfection

Qeexo In The News

Qeexo has made its debut with Huawei P8 and Honor 7 Flagship Smartphones and giving users to unlock the potential of many other touch features like Knuckle.

Qeexo Founders

Two important people behind Qeexo are

Sang Won Lee – He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Qeexo. Sang Won Lee has lot of experience in Mobile industry and he has worked with many big companies like Samsung, Sk Telecom, Sony, Nokia etc.,

Chris Harisson – Chris is the CTO and Co-founder at Qeexo and  he is Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Qeexo Contact Details

Qeexo is situated in two locations. Head quarters at Silicon Valley and R&D center at Pittsburgh

2483 Old Middlefield Way   Suite #150
Mountain View, CA 94043

111 North Whitfield Street
Floor 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


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