How Is RankScience Changing the Traditional Approach To SEO

RankScience is believed to change how SEO work is done manually. We have already seen in our earlier article how RankScience is working and in this article we will know RankScience will replace manual work done by SEO people. For SEO even today people depend on SEO specialists who promise them to increase their website traffic but it turns to be a disaster many times. Many people with very small knowledge claim to be SEO experts and they make innocent people as their prey. Now to say good bye to manual SEO, RankScience has completely automated SEO technique and they promise guaranteed organic traffic for your website.

How Is RankScience Changing the Traditional Approach To SEO

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RankScience Automated SEO

How Does RankScience Work?

RankScience works on a new technique developed called A/B testing for SEO and it divides titile into two variations with name A and B and then it runs a test on the software and decides which one is the best. This looks quite simple but it is very complicated. We will learn about it by considering a simple example.

Consider a company “Little Smiles” want to to test the effect that branding in the title tag has on search traffic. It wants to test whether its landing page titles should be “A+ Little Smiles | Little Smiles” (Variation A) or “38 Little Smiles in San Francisco | Little Smiles” (Variation B).

  • Split “Little Smiles” landing page into two groups
  • Apply Variation A to the first group of landing pages and Variation B to the second group
  • Compare search performance between both groups and declare the group with better performance the winner

If the group with Variation B outperforms the group with Variation A, then we can make a data-driven SEO recommendation for Variation B’s title format over Variation A’s.

Some Of The Clients RankScience Has Already Worked With

  • Suiteness
  • CouchSurfing
  • Zapier
  • Coderwall
  • 7 Cups Of Tea
  • BuildZoom

Automated SEO will be replacing manual SEO in the future and RankScience wants to become the leader in Automated SEO industry. If you are looking for a SEO consultant then we suggest you to try RankScience and test their automated SEO technique

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