Rooplay Apps Are Changing The Way Children Learn Education | Rooplay For Android and iOS

Rooplay apps for Android and iOS devices are changing the way children learn their education. These apps are presented by Rooplay Media Ltd. by utilising 5G edge technology from the King’s College of London. All the games in Rooplay are cloud based and users can choose the content they like based on child’s age and subject interest. There are huge number of games in the library and this will give kids wide range of experience in learning. Rooplay is one innovative idea especially for kids. Rooplay heps your kid to innovate and progress in a new way.

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Rooplay Apps Are Changing The Way Children Learn Education | Rooplay App For Android | Rooplay App For iOS

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Rooplay App | Rooplay Media Ltd

Specialty of Rooplay is that there are no downloads, no in-app purchases and no ads Rooplay is completely fun filled learning platform for kids. Rooplay provides a safe, collaborative, and engaging environment for your child to explore.

Choose from different genre of games in Rooplay

  • Puzzle Games
  • Memory Games
  • Learning Games
  • Skill Games and many more

If your child is in between 2-8 years then Rooplay app will be a gift for him. He will get just addicted to it and you need not worry about his addiction as he will be learning many new thing with Rooplay app and games. Children can discover games themselves or with the help of parent.

  • Rooplay For Android

People who are using Android can download the app instantly and explain the kids regarding importance of the app and show them the usage of it.

Install Now

  • Rooplay For iPhone/iPad

People who are using iOS devices can install Rooplay app from iTunes. For now the app is not yet updated in the app store, once it gets released we will update it here.

If you are using Rooplay app for either Android or iOS then please share your feedback here through comments.

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