Send Money To Any Country At Cheaper Rates With Moneytis | Moneytis Is Cheapest Money Transfer Service

Moneytis is making the transfer of money between two different countries very easy and at very cheaper rates. Using Moneytis is very simple all you need is to select how much amount you want to send and to which country and Moneytis will do the background work in checking the best option to send money. Moneytis is growing very fast and recent number shows their popularity. Moneytis has transferred $3 million in just 70 days. Moneytis is targeting a huge market which has nearly 250 million people and money transactions upto $600 billion.

Send Money To Any Country At Cheaper Rates With Moneytis | Moneytis Is Cheapest Money Transfer Service

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Moneytis Money Transfer

How Does Moneytis Work

Moneytis is designed especially to overcome the problems faced by people who earn money abroad and send money to their own country. While sending money from abroad people face many problems such as hidden fees, taxes and there is no proper transparency in sending money.

Moenytis compares nearly 308 various money transferring services in real time and gives you the best option which can save you lot of money and Moneytis will give you special deals and you will not find these anywhere.

Only Approved Companies Are Scanned By Moneytis

Never worry regarding safety of your money, Moneytis only gives you the company names which are regulated by government entities such as FCA or the FinCEN. Only the best options are available on Moneytis.

Smart Notifications From Moneytis

You will get notified when there are significant changes in exchange rates, you will get real-time exchange rates so that you will never miss any opportunity.

Services Offered By Moneytis

Moneytis offers 3 different services

  • Sending Money
  • Sending Large Amount Of Money
  • Requesting Money

Many people have given positive reviews about Moneytis. Some even say that they do not even know so many companies existed for transferring money and they are very happy about Moneytis as they are saving some bucks.

If you are living abroad and want to send money to your home country, then you should definitely try Moneytis. Already 40,000 people are using Moneytis worldwide.


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