Sift Will Unlock Your Hidden Credit Credit Benefits | SiftWallet For Credit Card Cash Backs

Sift is a new start up which wants to change the way how you use credit card. Usage of credit cards have been increased by two folds in recent years and having a credit card has lot of advantages. If we have a credit card we can buy the things we need and pay later. Some people also feel credit card is a burden and it brings only debt in our lives rather bringing happiness. Now banks have started giving cash backs in terms of points or cash backs when we use a credit card, but many people do not even care regarding the offers what a credit card is offering and they even do not care how much cash back they are getting from their credit card. Sift wants to change the way how you receive credit card cash back and they want you to get all the benefits offered by your credit card.

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Sift Will Unlock Your Hidden Credit Credit Benefits | SiftWallet For Credit Card Cash Backs

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Sfit Wallet |Sift App | Siftwallet App

  • How Does Sift Work For You

  1. Sift is for every credit card holder and you must try sift to extract all the benefits of your card. Sift uses their bots to go through the policies of your credit card and you will get notified regarding all the offers and benefits at one place.
  2. You will get notified regarding the offers on every purchase you made, so yo will not miss out on any cash back
  3. Every cashback you have got will be streamlined and you can claim it easily with just once glance.

Features Of Sift Wallet | Advantages Of Sift Wallet | Sift Wallet Usage

  • Automatic Price Protection
  • Protect your belongings
  • Free extended warranty
  • Never worry about returns

Billions Of Dollars Are Missed Yearly

Every 3 out of 5 individuals hold credit card in metro cities and they have never care about the cash backs and the benefits offered by their card, Sift wants to make every point count and sift wants to make this cashback policy transparent.

More Details About SiftWallet

This idea has been backed by many big ventures, Sift has raised $1.5 M in funding from Liquid 2 Ventures, early Mint and Credit Karma investors, Plug and Play ventures, Lodestar Ventures, Band of Angels and Sophia Collier. All the funding will be used in expanding companies reach to people who have credit cards.

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