TechnoPurple Makes It Easy For You To Track Employees and Vehicles

TechnoPurple is an innovative company which works on GPS and Location based technologies which helps their clients to track Employees and Vehicles. Now a days many companies are providing work at home facility for their employees but in recent times many companies found out that while working at home the productivity and efficiency has come down. So, to tackle the productivity and efficiency problem TechnoPurple has come up with an innovative solution which keeps employee and employer connected through a single app. This app keeps a track on the employee and records all the information like how much time he worked, which place he visited etc.,

TechnoPurple’s app is really helpful for people who are into marketing business because tracking employees who are into marketing is a real tough job as one cannot say he is really out for office work or personal work. With the help of  Effy TechnoPurple app you can track each and every employee easily.

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App For Tracking Employee and Vehicle

Advantages Of TechnoPurple For Employee Tracking

  • You can know exactly where your employees are
  • Assign work to employees with ease
  • Automatic conveyance settlement
  • Know the geographical reach of employees and clients
  • Quick decision making

Advantages Of TechnoPurple For Vehicle Tracking

In India there are many cases of vehicles being stolen but with the TechnoPurple you can overcome this situation and always be on the safe side.

  • Theft prevention
  • SMS & E-mail alerts
  • Over Speeding alerts
  • KMS travelled
  • Geo fence alerts
  • Live tracking

Download the App For Android

Download the App For iOS Device

TechnoPurple has provides best solution for Employee tracking and Vehicle tracking.

Pricing For Vehicle Tracking

Pricing For Employee Tracking

If you are using TechnoPurple for your firm, then please share us your feedback regarding the product as others may find it useful.


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