The Light Phone Will Take You Back In Your Life

Do you want to go back in life and experience the phones which had only calling option and no other thing to do in it. Then you must try The Light Phone which is an innovative idea of Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang. They began building the Light Phone (2G GSM phone) in 2014 and finally they are out in 2016 with an amazing product. They are also building some other products which will change the way we look at things today. The Light Phone’s concept is very simple, the makers of it want people to get rid of all the boring apps and continuous addiction to internet. They want people to spend some quality time for themselves and for their loved ones. The Light Phone idea is a superb one when we are out with our family and friends and there will be no need to check all the rubbish notifications all the time when we are in a fun mood.

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The Light Phone

How Does The Light Phone Take Back You In Life

Do you know phones earlier did not have so much space in our life, they were just devices which we used to make a call when required, but now smart phones have become a part of your daily life and without even knowing ourselves we get addicted to them so much that we do not even give proper attention to our family and friends and we keep on scrolling the smart phone as if we are accustomed to do so. The Light Phone wants you to come back to normal life for a while and experience life without apps and notifications.

Can I Attend Important Calls With The Light Phone?

Yes!! of course you will be connected to all the important calls with the Light Phone. You need not worry regarding calls with this device as The Light Phone comes with a dialer with which you can make or receive calls with your same old number.

How Does The Light Phone Look Like?

As the name says The Light Phone it is very light it’s just the size of a credit card and will fit into your pocket easily. You need not worry about its size it’s small and convenient to carry.

What Are The Features Of The Light Phone?

There are only minimal features on this device which are required to make calls and lock it. Following are the only options with The Light Phone

  • MicroPhone
  • Lock
  • Micro USB
  • Display
  • SIM
  • Speaker
  • Keypad

This is how The Light Phone looks

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The Light Phone Details

If you do not want to get those unnecessary pings, rings and dings the The Light Phone will be the best alternative to your smart phone.

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