These Are The Best Alternatives For UBER | 3 Best UBER Alternative Apps

UBER has made commuting very easy with their Android and iOS app, we just need to open the app and book a ride within no time we will get a cab to reach our desired destination. UBER was founded by two youngsters who found themselves deserted in a city and could not find a commuting service which can get them on board within minutes. But, from recent times UBER has been into lot of legal issues and complaints and people have started searching best alternatives for UBER, there are many services which are better than UBER and you need not rely only on UBER to commute.

These Are The Best Alternatives For UBER | 3 Best UBER Alternative Apps

  • Lyft

Lyft is giving tough competition to UBER and it has got all the features same as UBER, you can tap a request and check the cost and book a cab in just minutes. Lyft is easy to use, faster than bus and cheaper than local taxi. Lyft does background checks of their drivers carefully so that all the commuters are safe with their travels and have good experience with their rides. If you are looking for an UBER alternative then Lyft will be the best solution.

Lyft For Android | Lyft For iOS

  • Waze

Google owned Waze the popular driving directions app and they have recently launched a carpool service with which users can find similar commutes in their routes. Waze is very cheap as the app calculates the cost of Gas. The app is free to download from Google Play store for Android and itunes

Waze For Android | Waze For iOS

  • GetAround

If you are ready to take the drivers seat then GetAround app helps you to get your favorite car on rent on daily basis. GetAround is a best car rental service and instead of going to traditional car rental services you can opt for GetAround app. GetAround is also a great way to make extra income for car owners if they don’s use their car daily then they can give it for rent.

GetAround For Android | GetAround For iOS

We hope this alternatives for UBER will help you. Please share your feedback regarding services other than UBER

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