ViarBox Premium VR Goggles Review, Price and Specifications

Virtual Reality products are a booming technology now and new company called VIAR based in Seattle is making some of the best virtual reality products which will take you places you have never been to. VIAR is also producers of Virtual Reality card board and Viar 360 which helps in companies to create some stunning Virtual Reality from your photos and videos. Viar 360 is very easy to use and even non technical people can also use this as they provide simple drag and drop options. In this article we will see ViarBox Premium VR Goggles Review, Price and Specifications.

ViarBox Premium VR Goggles Review, Price and Specifications

  • Foldable Design

One of the outstanding feature of ViarBox Premium Goggles is that they can be folded easily. This portable design can assemble/disassembles within seconds.

  • Durable

These virtual reality glasses use high quality durable, recyclable cardboard and are laminated for extra protection.

  • Comfortable

This VR headset from ViarBox is on of the best VR head set as it has got anti-slip, moisture absorbing foam padding protects your nose. Comfort has been given highest priority while making these virtual headsets.

  • Compatible

This virtual reality device fits with all smart phones with screen-size up to 5.7”. You need not worry about device adjustment in the VR card board.

  • Custom Solutions

Free design assistance is available fir these VR headsets, head strap option, matte or glossy finish

Material Used In ViarBox Premium VR Goggles

There VR glasses are made up of 3 layers which are laminated layer, full color layer and cardboard layer.

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ViarBox premium VR Goggles

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ViarBox Premium


Without custom packaging for 500 pieces each  premium ViarBox piece is priced at 5.79 Euros and Lite VR Goggles are priced at 3.49 Euros for 500 pieces.

You can contact VIAR to get a price quote from here

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