Wakeach Compact Chargers Are Best For Your MacBook Air When You Are Travelling

When we are planning to travel the first thing we consider that we need to minimum luggage so that it will be easy for us to manage and we feel some things need to be compact so that they can fit easily in as little space as possible and MacBook’s charger takes up a lot of space. So, take reduce your baggage you can now opt for a compact charger from Wakeach which can deliver you the same performance as the original MacBook charger. Wakeach chargers for MacBook are ultra slim and compact and this is ideal for a trip. This charger is designed for Apple 13-inch MacBook & MacBook Pro and 11 13 inch MacBook Air made before 2012. 

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Wakeach Compact Chargers

  • Wakeach 45W / 60W Magnetic 1st-Gen L-Tip Mini Power Adapter for MacBook Air 11 13 inch and MacBook Pro 13 inch, Charger for A1181 A1184 1185 A1278 A1344 A1330 A1342

Wakeach Charger Specifications

  • POWER SPECS: Input Volt Range: 100 – 240V / Output: 19V 3.16A, 60W / Connector: Magnetic 1st-Gen L-Shaped

One striking feature to look out in this compact MacBook charger is the price and it just $30 and you will get the best replacement for your original MacBook charger.

Following Models are Compatible

A1278 / A1181 / A1184 / A1185 / A1344 / A1330 / A1342 / A1377 / A1374 / A1244 / A1370 / A1369 / A1269 / A1270 / A1237 / A1304

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Wakeach has got very good reviews from the customers who have bought the compact chargers and they are trying to staisfy all their customers and if you are not satisfied withe the performance of the charger you can return it.

  • Wakeach 60W Magnetic 2nd-Gen T-Shaped Power Charger for MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display 13 inch (Made After Late 2012), Adapter Replacement for A1425 A1435 A1465 A1502

  • POWER SPECS: Input Volt Range: 100 – 240V / Output: 19V 3.16A, 60W(16.5V / 3.65A compatible) / Connector: Magnetic 2nd-Gen T-Shaped


Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13-inch manufactured from Late 2012 to early 2015: A1425 / A1435 / A1465 / A1502

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