WayRay Is Chaniging Car Navigation With Augmented Reality Navigation

WayRay which started its operations back in 2012 is now moving forward with a faster pace in car navigation technology and they are using Augmented Reality (AR) principle to integrate holographic objects around you with wide angle field of view. WayRay will be the first company to use holographic car navigation. This system of augmented reality will fit any car and it will make you smart and help you to stay safe. It’s just like a video game you play on television, you will get indicators and it will show green arrow which will help you in reaching your destination. You are not required to wear any headgear or eye wear.

WayRay Is Chaniging Car Navigation With Augmented Reality Navigation


With the application of aeronautical principles to land navigation Navion will be the first True Augmented Reality car navigation system. By installing Navion in your car you can view directions, trip details and route. This will be one of the most easiest way to reach your destination.

WayRay wants to change the driving methods which are being followed as tradition and they want to make driving more fun and safe. WayRay has been working very hard on this technology and there are some brightest minds working in the company and with their intense research there is an amazing output.

Navion Will Respond To Voice and Gestures

No more pushing buttons or turning knobs now just use your voice commands.Program your route or toggle between different features and screen views like weather and driving statistics.

Always Be Connected With Navion

We get lot of notifications on our smart phone and we feel to check while driving but with Navion’s Infotainment mode you can check all the notifications when your car stops. You can check notifications like email and social media that are available only when your car is stopped.

Navion Tech Specs

There are 4 parts in Navion they are Charger port, Camera, Projector and Power button.

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Navion Tech Specs

Installation of Navion is very easy, it takes just few minutes to set up and Navion fits all the cars which are manufactured after 1990.

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