WhatsApp Introduces GIF’s To Make Your Conversations More Fun

WhatsApp the worlds best messaging service has always made improvements to make conversations easy and fun. As you know every smartphone today has WhatsApp installed in it communicate. Recently there was a biggest update in WhatsApp which completely removed “status” option and replaced it with new status which can be of GIF, PIC or a Small Video to show the world how you are spending your day. The new status will expire in 24 hours automatically. Now one more latest update in WhatsApp is addition of GIF’s just beside the smileys. Let us have a look at this new WhatsApp update in detail.

What Is a GIF?

GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format which is a small animation type video which has very small size. In recent days GIF’s have become very popular to express opinions in a funny way. Millions of GIF’s are created daily and forwarded on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Introduces GIF’s To Make Your Conversations More Fun

Now WhatsApp has introduced GIF’s in its latest update and you can find them right beside smileys option. By recognizing the importance of GIF’s in conversations WhatsApp introduced this feature to make conversations more funny. Now you need not search for GIF’s on Internet, you can find directly in WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp GIF’s Location

You can find WhatsApp GIF’s right beside smileys as you can see in the picture above.

How Many GIF’s Can You Find In WhatsApp?

There are many GIF’s inserted in WhatsApp and you can use GIF to make your conversation more fun.

Adding GIF’s to WhatsApp is bening loved by its users and they are happy that now there is no need to search for GIF’s on Internet. This new feature is being loved by everyone and users also think that old status will also come back.

If you like the addition of GIF’s in WhatsApp then please share your thoughts via comments box below.

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